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Tahoe area real estate market is growing and evolving. And Pete’s long-term experience in this dynamic and beautiful area can only add to the amazing opportunities CalNeva Properties can provide their clients. After working with KLS Realty as a Broker/Owner, Pete was fortunate to join up with the two other partners of CalNeva Properties and start a truly wonderful new business. Passion for the Tahoe Basin, and what it has to offer his life has led him to learn and grow with the changing real estate picture in the Tahoe Area.

Amazingly, a good portion of Pete’s 25 year career in Tahoe was not spent in real estate, but with industries as diverse as the ski industry, film/video production, and broadcast television station management. The common thread was not only energetic, driving sales, but to motivate others to be more successful. With a focus on marketing, sales, performance based management, and creativity to look at the end goals from many perspectives, Pete coached many people, co-workers and team members to higher attainment in sales goals where executive production goals were met, or exceeded. Pete’s introduction to real estate came with time working at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, from 1992 to 1999. Seeing the affect a wonderful location can have on real estate lit the fire of his zeal to become a broker.

After working as an Broker/Owner in the South Lake Tahoe Area for 8 years, the team at CalNeva Properties is the perfect place for Pete to show his passion for the area, and what it has to offer clients.

Pete is a graduate of University of Maine, and has lived in the Tahoe area since 1992. He now enjoys this area with his three children and wife of 13 years. Tahoe is an unbelievable place where he has been able to live and love the area, ski the mountains, bike the countryside, boat and swim Lake Tahoe, as well as and hike to the top of some of the most amazing peeks in the west. Here in Tahoe, Pete has found a desire for living life to the fullest, as well as sharing this fabulously beautiful gem of a location to live and play with those looking for the mountain lifestyle.

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